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Reflective Writing Reseach

Dear Doctor,


We are conducting a piece of research looking at factors that influence reflective writing, relating to Differential Attainment, and would very much appreciate your help by completing the survey linked below. Further details are included in the survey.


This is an important area as it is often something that is raised as an issue at ARCPs, and it a key part of continuing professional development for all doctors.


We are hoping for responses from O&G doctors of all grades and positions; trainees, juniors, seniors, consultants, those in educational positions and those not directly involved in education.


With the results we hope to design targeted inventions to help support the development of reflective writing skills for O&G doctors in Wales.


The survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes. We would be grateful for your responses by the 6th June 2022.


Many thanks,


Mrs Ashraf (Training programme director, O&G, Wales)

Rachel Lee (ST5, O&G, ABUHB)