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Cwm Taf Morgannwg Maternity


This is a list of Guidelines divided into Maternity and Gynaecology guidelines. Each one of these Guidelines are also represented in the A-Z list and can be accessed through either link.


Altered Fetal Movements (Maternity Network Wales) 2021 N/A
Alternative Feeding Methods in Breastfed Infants 2020 May 2023
Amnisure, Standard Operating Procedure for the use of 2021 April 2022
Anaemia, Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy 2020 July 2023
Antenatal Assessment Unit 2019 March 2022
Antenatal Care 2020 October 2023
Antenatal Screening Wales Policy, Standards and Protocols 2019 N/A
Asthma in Pregnancy, Management of 2021 May 2024
Babies Born to Mothers Requiring Psychotropic Medication During Pregnancy, Management of (PCH Guidance) 2020 December  2022
Baby and Infant Safe Sleeping Guidance 2020 N/A
Bloodspot, Newborn Public Health Wales Handbook 2019 N/A
Blood Transfusion During Pregnancy,Labour and Postpartum, Guideline for the Care of Women Who Refuse 2020 June 2023
Blue Grey Spot Pathway 2021 March 2023
Breech Presentation 2020 June 2023
Breastmilk, Safe Management of Expressed 2020 May 2023
Bruising and Injuries in Children not Independently Mobile 2021 May 2023
Caesarean Section 2020 October  2023
Caesarean Section, Birth After 2020 June 2023
Caring for Women with Learning Disabilities ( Learning Disabilities Bundle) 2020 October  2023
Concealed Pregnancy, Women Who Present With 2020 June 2023
Consultant Obstetrician, Duties of On-Call 2020 July 2023
Cord Prolapse, Umbilical Management of 2020 March 2023
Dawes-Redman SOP 2021 September 2025
Diabetes, Type I & II, Management of Women 2017 March 2020
Dilapan, Standard Operating Procedure for the use of 2021 January 2022

Domestic Abuse, Pregnant Women and Children, Standard Operating Procedure


DA2 Pathway Form

MARAC Referral Form

C1 Referral Form



2021 N/A
Escalation Policy 2019 September 2022
Freebirthing 2020 June 2023
Haemorrhage Antepartum, Management of 2020 October 2023
Haemorrhage Post Partum, Prevention and Management of (All Wales Guideline) 2021 N/A
Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy 2020 July 2023

Hypoglycaemia, Neonatal Preterm Bundle for Babies at Risk on Postnatal Ward (All Wales)

Appendix 1 Parent Information Leaflet for Babies at Risk  2021
Appendix 2 Effective Breastfeeding Check 2021


2021 N/A
Hypoglycaemia, Neonatal, Term Bundle for Babies at Risk: (All Wales) 2021 N/A
Hypoglycaemia, Management of Reluctant Feeding in Healthy Term Infants (All Wales) 2021 N/A
Hypoglycaemia Prevention and Management. (All Wales)  2021 N/A
Induction of Labour Including Arrest of Labour 2020 July 2023
Infant Feeding 2020 May 2023
Infections and Rashes in Pregnancy: A guide for Health Professionals, Antenatal Screening Wales 2017 N/A
Intrapartum Care, Management of  2020 July 2023
Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance Standards for Maternity Services, Antenatal Screening Wales 2018 N/A
Jump Call, Access to Advice 2020 June 2023
Labour Ward Handover, Multi-Disciplinary Team 2020 May 2023
Margins of Viability ( Welsh Health Circular ) 2017 N/A
Maternal Death 2019 September 2022
Maternity Triage (Acute and Community) 2022 January 2025
Midwife Led Care, All Wales Guideline (5th Edition) 2017 N/A
Meconium Stained Liquor, Intrapartum and Immediate Neonatal Management of  2020 June 2023
Modified Early Warning System (MEOWS) 2022 January 2025
Neonatal, Criteria for Attendance at Delivery 2020 December 2022
Neonatal, Prevention of Early Onset Group B Streptococcal Disease 2020 December 2023


Resucitation Proforma

2022 April 2025
Obesity in Pregnancy, Management of 2020 June 2023
Obstetric Cholestasis, Management of 2020 July 2023
Operative Vaginal Delivery 2020 June 2023
Operative Vaginal Delivery Sheet 2020 June 2023
Postnatal Bladder Care  2020 July 2023
Postnatal Care Including Discharge from Hospital 2020 June 2023
Postnatal Contraception 2020 October 2023
Pre-Birth Referrals and Child Protection Conferences 2020 December 2021
Premature Pre-Labour Rupture of Membranes below 37 Weeks (PPROM) 2020 January 2023
Preterm Labour, Management of 2020 July 2023
Reluctant Feeding 2020 May 2023
Repair Third or Fourth Degree Perineal Tear 2020 July 2023
Sepsis, Maternity Screening and Management - (Wales Maternity Network) 2018 N/A
Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes at Term (SROM) 2020 March 2023
Security of the Newborn 2020 June 2023
Shoulder Dystocia, Management of 2020 February 2023
Small for Gestational Age (All Wales) 2021 N/A
Thyroid, Management of Maternal Disorders During Pregnancy 2021 April 2024
Transferring Babies Requiring Active Resuscitation from Tirion Birth Centre SOP 2019 May 2022
Training Needs analysis and Training Matrix Clinical Guideline, Maternity Services 2021 May 2023
Trigger List, Consultant Obstetrician Presence on Labour Ward 2020 March 2023
Trigger List, Obstetric 2020 N/A
Uterine Inversion 2020 January 2023
Uterine Rupture, Management of 2020 January 2023
Violence Against Women - Domestic Abuse 2020 November 2020