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Swansea Bay Incontinence & Pelvic Floor


 Please use this link for the All Wales Bladder and Bowel Care Pathway

 Please use this link for the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) website to access resources and downloadable patient information


  Local Guidelines Welsh Guidelines National Guidelines Further Information Patient Information
Protocol for Bladder Care in Obstetrics ABMU 2018        
Catheter Protocol for Gynaecology Swansea Bay 2019        
Continence, in Children and Young People      

Bladder & Bowel UK,  Managing 2019 

Bladder & Bowel UK, Containment Products 2019


Flexible Cystoscopy         BAUS 2021
Haematuria, Management of Swansea Bay 2020        
Incontinence, Swansea Bay 2019 All Wales 2021      
Incontinence, Faecal Swansea Bay 2020   NICE 2007    
Incontinence, Urinary          
Incostress Instructions         ABMU 2010
Interstitial Cystitis Swansea Bay 2020        
Intertrigo       Prof. Amanda Oakley Guidance 2020  
Mesh Sling - Abdominal, Removal of         BAUS 2022
Mesh Sling - Trans-Obdurator, Removal of         BAUS 2021
Mesh Sling - Retropubic, Removal of         BAUS 2021
Mesh Sling - Vaginal, Removal of         BAUS 2022
Moisture Lesions, Prevention and Management   All Wales 2019      
Nocturia, Evaluation and management of Swansea Bay 2020     New Zealand Continence Association Guideline 2005  
Obesity and the Pelvic Floor         BSUG 2017
Pelvic Floor Referral Form MDT Swansea Bay 2020    

Presentation Prof. Simon Emery 2012


Queensland Questionnaire 2020
Pelvic Prolapse, Artificial Mesh Repair for        

ABMU 2009

NICE Patient Decision Aid

Physiotherapy for Womens Health         POGP Booklets
PopQ, Prolapse Stress incontinence      

POP-Q Tool


Prolapse Stress incontinence, Artificial Mesh Repair for         NICE Patient Decision Aid
Prolapse Abdominal Repair Surgery         Swansea Bay 2020
Prolapse, Management of ABMU 2020       PGI-I Questionnaire BSUG
Prolapse, Pelvic Organ, Use of Pessary         Swansea Bay 2019
Prolapse, Uterine Repair Surgery       NICE User Guide NICE Patient Decision Aid
Prolapse Vaginal Repair Surgery       NICE User Guide

ABMU 2016

NICE Patient Decision Aid

Rigid Cytoscopy, (Bladder Inspection)         BAUS 2020
Sacral Neuromodulation, (Nerve Stimulation)         BAUS 2020
Surgery for Stress Incontinence       NICE User Guide

Swansea Bay 2020

NICE Patient Decision Aid

NHS Choices

RCOG 2015

Urethral Carnucle         Continence Matters 2020
Urethral Diverticulum         BAUS 2020
Urinary Catheters Care Bundle Swansea Bay 2020        
Urinary Incontinence Swansea Bay 2020   NICE 2019    
Urinary Tract Infections Antibiotics for Recurrent Swansea Bay Pathway 2021       Swansea Bay 2020
Urodynamic Practice Standards      


ICS 2018 (article opens from UKCS page)

UKCS 2014

Vaginal Ring Pessaries, Information Sheet         Swansea Bay 2020
Vaginal Shelf Pessaries, Information Sheet         Swansea Bay 2020