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Swansea Bay Gynaecology



Adult Urinary Catheter Care Bundle Documentation

Adult Urinary Catheterisation Policy



Anticholinergic Bladder Therapy and Glaucoma 2010
Clinical Incidents Trigger List for Gynaecology 2009
Clomifene Citrate Therapy, Patient Leaflet 2015
Consent Form, Covid-19 Specific 2020
COVID19 emergency gynae pathway V9 05/05/2020SBUHB Intranet Access Only 2020
COVID19 emergency gynae surgery V1 - SBUHB Intranet Access Only 2020
Ectopic Pregnancy, Protocol for Management 2013
Emergency Gynae Assessment Unit, Criteria for Referral 2017
Emergency Gynae Assessment Unit, Covid-19 Pathway 2020
Escalation Policy 2013
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) COIN SharePoint Site 2022
HyCoSy Tubal Patency Scan Patient Leaflet 2015
Hysteroscopy Referral Form 2019
Language and Communication Support (link to SBHB Page)  
MDT Referral Oncology 2017
MDT Referral Pelvic Floor 2020
Miscarriage, Criteria for Referral for emergency Gynae Unit 2017
Miscarriage, Home Treatment for Medical Management of 2018
Miscarriage, Home Treatment, Patient Information Leaflet 2021
Miscarriage, management during early pregnancy  2023
Molar Pregnancy Guideline 2020
Molar Pregnancy Pathway 2020
Molar Pregnancy, Patient Leaflet 2020
Nurse Led Discharge Policy 2011
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 2021
Recurrent UTI, Antibiotic Use 2010
Recurrent UTI, Antibiotic Use (Long Term Catheter Use) 2010