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Organising Guidance





These timescales will allow potential delegates to organise study leave and should take into account times when a lot of people are on annual leave eg. School holidays, Summer holidays and Christmas.


  • Spring Meeting dates should consider Christmas holidays
  • Autumn Meeting dates should consider Summer holidays
  • Both meetings should consider Half Term holidays in February/October


March Spring Meeting:

Organisers Invitation Letter

Sent out by 1st December

Call to Abstract

Sent out by 1st December

Registration Form

Sent out by 14st December

Abstract Deadline

Set no later than the last Friday in January

Early Bird Deadline

Set no later than 3 weeks before the meeting date


October Autumn Meeting:

Organisers Invitation Letter

Sent out by 1st July

Call to Abstract

Sent out by 1st July

Registration Form

Sent out by 12st July

Abstract Deadline Date

Set no later than the last Friday in August

Early Bird Deadline Date

Set no later than 3 weeks before the meeting date





  • Day should be Friday
  • Arrange at least 6 months before
  • Avoid School Holidays


  • Private venue will cost more but can be more pleasant
  • Check if the venue has dedicated IT personnel to assist with the presentations
  • Hospital venue is cheaper and easier to organise
  • Some Pharma Companies will not attend at “resort” type venues – check with likely Reps
  • Check  the venue  insurance cover for the meeting as some venues require the organisers to be covered for personal injury.
  • Also see  Appendix A1


  • Open a charity type account or use an existing one if your department has one
  • Welsh O&G treasurer will supply float  is the current treasurer
  • The float to be used to pay the deposits  for the venue
  • Use  Appendix E3 to project costs and register final costings for the meeting


  • Choose a small committee to help organise  - lead consultant and secretary/admin  to co-ordinate
  • Once registration is open – appoint one person to take responsibility 
  • Co-ordinator should only receive instructions from one source, i.e. Lead Consultant
  • Admin Co-ordinator should be responsible for Administrative tasks
  • Admin Co-ordinator should attend the meeting to enable continuity and at least 2 Admin staff required to attend - ideally three


  • Choose speakers and ensure their availability
  • Agree on the Honoraria and any other expenses e.g. Overnight or travel  CONFIRM IN WRITING
  • Presentation slot should be no more than one hour – 50 min presentation,  40 min presentation,  10 min for questions/discussions
  • Keep a record of speakers secretaries
  • Line up a spare speaker in case someone drops out
  • Arrange local speakers in the morning to enable plenty of travel time for outside speakers to arrive for the afternoon


  • Some Pharma Companies will not attend at “resort” type venues – check with individual Reps
  • Contact Reps to acquire sponsorship towards expenses, this makes up the bulk of the budget
  • Find out what each rep requires for the fee e.g. logos on programme
  • Ensure that the fee covers the stand and attendance of  1 Rep
  • Once confirmed obtain the company logo which should be added to the programme
  • Suggested fee -  £500 per sponsor
  • Keep sponsors happy

  Appendix F1
  Appendix F2
 Appendix F3


  • Should cover lunch and  refreshments
  • £30 Before the meeting “Early Bird”
  • £45 after the Early Bird cut-off and on the day
  • Successful Poster/Oral Presenters should be informed before the Early Bird date
  • All participants including trainees presenting are charged
  • Receipts should be given to payees - use a generic type receipt book
  • Medical students presenting and retired members are free
  • Medical Students not presenting are charged £10
  • Host hospital to set price for own trainees depending on numbers and finances


  • Registration forms are initially sent out around 6 months before the meeting and again nearer to the time with the draft programme
  • All Documents and information will be made available on the WISDOM website
  • Administrator to send Registration Form and call to abstract to WISDOM Team for distribution

    Appendix D2 Registration Form

  • Usually £25-£35 to include wine 
  • Normally arranged 7.30pm for 8.00pm
  • Paid for by all except invited speakers – confirm they will be attending
  • Open to members and partners only
  • Invited guests by prior arrangement with organiser
  • Bear in mind distance between meeting venue and Restaurant
  • Ensure there is a vegetarian/vegan option

   Appendix D2 Registration Form
   Appendix E2 Dinner Menu


  • Refer to Instructions for Oral Presentation   Appendix C1A
  • and Poster Presentations    Appendix B
  • Closing date for submissions should be at least 3 weeks before meeting date
  • Administrator will send standard letter   Appendix D3 Invitation for abstracts.  Appendix D4 Application and Instructions,  Appendix B to WISDOM Team for distribution to all trainees and members in Wales
  • E-copies of the posters should be sent to WISDOM for upload onto the website after the meeting
  • Administrator should collate and send posters electronically to judges before the meeting along with  Appendix C1C Judges Assessment Sheet
  • Ensure successful candidates are told before the Early Bird cut-off date
  • Ensure successful candidates are told whether they present  an Oral or Poster
  • Choose three Judges from your colleagues and outside your Health Board
  • The successful abstracts should be collated into booklet form for attendees on the day
  • Oral presentations 8 minutes with 2 minutes for questions
  • Oral presentations are judged by the President  and one or two other members
  • Score Sheets and guidance are available Appendix C1C  C1D   C1E
  • Organiser should complete and send out Winners Certificates for 1st and 2nd Price for both the oral and poster presentation after the meeting. Appendix D9a   D9b  D9c    D9d


  • All permanent O&G staff – Consultants/SAS staff
  • All grade 6/7 trainees


  • Last item to finish by 4.30pm
  • Allocate further 30 minutes for business meeting to finish by 5.00pm
  • Try and keep balance of Obs and Gynae


The WISDOM Team will:

  • Provide instructions to Co-ordinator including document templates and logos (see below which should be amended appropriately)
  • Distribute Registration Documents and all correspondence relating to the meeting under instruction from the Organiser using Contact Lists held with  WISDOM
  • Send out reminders of deadline dates and any relevant supporting documentation
  • Advertise the date and venue via WISDOM
  • Build a Meeting Specific Page on WISDOM to advertise the meeting which will be linked to Registration forms etc.
  • Build a Meeting Specific Page on WISDOM post meeting to include the programme for the day with links to the speaker presentations and posters.  . 
  • Please ensure that there is provision for WISDOM to have a stand at the conference 

Contact WISDOM
Appendix A1 – Venue advice
Appendix B - What is a good poster
Appendix C1A – Guidance for oral presentation, Judging Panel
Appendix C1B – Guidance for oral presentation, Presenters
Appendix C1C- Judges Assessment Sheet
Appendix C1D - Shortlist Marking Sheet
Appendix C1E -  Record of Papers Submitted
The following templates should be revised for your own meeting:
Appendix C1C-Judges Assessment Sheet
Appendix D1 – Organisers Invitation Letter
Appendix D2 – Registration Form
Appendix D3 – Invitation for Abstracts
Appendix D4 – Abstract Form
Appendix D5 – Final Programme
Appendix D6 – Certificate of Attendance
Appendix D7 –Abstract Booklet
Appendix D8b_ Feedback Form
AppendixD9a-   Appendix D9b –    Appendix D9c -  Appendix D9d - Winners Certificates
Appendix E1 -Registration Spreadsheet
Appendix E2 – Dinner Menu
Appendix E3 – Costing Spreadsheet
Appendix F1 - Rep support confirmation letter
Appendix F2 - Rep Invoice
Appendix F3 - List of Usual Sponsors with Logo and Contact Details


  • Organisers Invitation letter,  Appendix D1 – sent out as soon as date has been fixed
  • Call for abstracts,  Appendix D3 – at least 3 months prior
  • Registration form including costs and payment details, Appendix D2 – required at least 3 Months  prior
  • Evening Meal Menu and venue details,  Appendix E2 – ideally at least 6 weeks prior
  • Programme,  Appendix D5 – Ideally Initial draft at least 6 weeks prior with final sent out the week before

After the Meeting:

  • Speaker presentations where there is consent
  • Posters


  •  Welsh O&G Banners x 2 which can be put up and used to direct delegates                                             
  • Ensure there are at least 2 people to take the registration – One to take money and one to keep track of the registration with Registration Spreadsheet
  • Ensure that completed registration forms are taken to the meeting , so you know which delegates have pre-paid
  • Documentation that will be required on the day:
  • Registration Forms
  • Registration Spreadsheets, i.e. who has registered, paid, evening meal etc. Appendix E1
  • Registration packs which should contain as a minimum:
  • Programme (with sponsors details)Appendix D5
  • Feedback Forms Appendix  D8a &  D8b
  • Any marketing materials
  • Name Badges/Labels
  • WiFi Code if required
  • Abstract Booklet  Appendix D7
  • Signed Certificates to hand out at the end Appendix D6
  • Receipt book
  • Lockable cash box with float
  • Spare Stationery Items
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • envelopes
  • Blu Tac
  • Sellotape
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Table Covering for Reception Desk
  • Spare programmes
  • Spare Registration Forms
  • Spare Name Badges/Labels
  • Spare Registration Packs